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Coaching For Women with Breast Cancer

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Let's talk about where you are in your cancer journey and find the right program for you!

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have completed cancer treatment, there is work to do together.  

A little bit about me...


Hi, I am Lindsey.  Grateful triple negative breast cancer survivor. 


While taking a shower I discovered a lump.  Being diligent about my health I contacted my doctor immediately.  I wasn't expected what happened next.  The news that I had breast cancer was the scariest I had ever received.  I felt overwhelmed and frightened not knowing how to process this news and the treatment that was to follow.


I worked with a life coach each week after my diagnosis and she held space for all the things that come up during cancer treatment.  The process changed my life and my experience both through and after cancer. Even though I was faced with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I was able to see cancer as a gift even while I was in the throws of treatment. What I learned by engaging with a life coach was that I wasn't alone in my journey.

My treatment included a lumpectomy, 16 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiation. I was left hairless, grey skinned and weak. They told me I was "done" and I felt anything but... done.  This is where the next phase of my work began to rethink my life and make some informed choices about how I wanted to move forward.


As a trained life coach and a background in working with people it is my desire to help other women through their cancer treatment AND post cancer relaunch into life.  

We Walk Together...

Today I help women navigate through the process of cancer from diagnosis to survivorship.

If you are newly diagnosed or mid-treatment, we work together weekly to help you traverse the many emotions and discomforts that arise during cancer treatment.


I am here to guide you and support you as you are faced with difficult decisions and likely fear of the unknown.

I know as I have been there too.


If you have completed treatment you may feel like I did... They will tell you "you're done" but you don't feel done. You may feel many things including increased fear, discontent and a desire to change big things in your life (career, relationships etc.). We walk together through this as well and help you set new goals for yourself moving forward.

It is my intention as your coach to help you come alive and thrive through and after breast cancer.

What I Offer



We start by creating an overall plan for what you want through your cancer journey. We then meet weekly and/or at your convenience in person or via zoom. I create space for you to share your experience and together we walk through any challenges you are facing. We come up with small things (and sometimes big things) you can do to overcome whatever obstacles you are facing. I support you every step of the way.



We start by establishing your overall goals now that you are done with your cancer treatment. We then meet weekly and/or at your convenience in person or via zoom. We walk together through what you are experiencing in this new and unknown territory and come up with a roadmap for how you want to live your life post-cancer. We focus on your goals for your relationships, career and even spirituality.

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